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Public Affairs & Strategic Communications

H&dB AssociAtes is an independent Dutch consultancy firm consulting on public affairs (lobbying) and strategic communications. We offer services to a range of Dutch and international clients who have an interest in the Netherlands having to deal with Dutch regulations and/or policies that are being developed in the Dutch policy arena.

H&dB AssociAtes has extensive experience in working in Brussels, in the Dutch policy arena on all levels (national, provincial and local) and working with and for regulators in different markets (energy, healthcare, competition and financial services).

On the basis of a sound arena analysis we are able to provide our clients with the necessary advice to monitor developments in policy areas of interest and to work with relevant stakeholders to position our clients in the best possible way to be influential in policy making in the Netherlands. Key areas of expertise are reputation management, (re-) framing issues and opportunities and careful timing of initiatives.

Partners in our consultancy have worked in government and Parliament as well as in business within strategy, regulatory, public affairs and communications departments. Hence H&dB AssociAtes is well equipped to relate to the different "rationales" that exist within business, politics, government and independent regulators.

H&dB AssociAtes provides its clients with all the necessary services to be in control on issues and stakeholders of relevance and/or to actively be influential in the Dutch policy environment.

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