The most basic of our services. Monitoring of developments in certain policy areas and of developments in positions of stakeholders on issues/policies using efficient, easy to access reporting methods and advice.

 Agenda setting

Advice on which value frames have the desired impact in the Dutch policy environment and advice on the right approach (timing, partners, message) to keep momentum.

 Stakeholder Management/Coalition building

Together with clients we build an arena analysis of stakeholders and their relative influence on issues in different policy areas. Identifying partners to build coalitions with is often key to be successful in the Dutch context.

 Issues & Opportunities management

A combination of monitoring developments and stakeholders in specific sectors/policy areas together with defining successful actions to be in control on issues and opportunities.

 Access to Parliament, Ministries and Regulators

Advice on how to approach these institutions and the people within. Preferably on the basis of a well thought out strategy, but sometimes quick access is needed to provide politicians and administrators with last minute information. We offer both.

 Media management

We provide access to national and regional media but also to media specialized in covering different sectors of the Dutch economy. We offer all services related to media management preparing our clients for interactions with journalists and developing credible newsworthy messages.

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